Java Class Finder 1.01

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Light and agile internal searcher to find Java class files in folders and subdirectories of your hard drive.

If you are a Java programmer, than you will know that most tools you can find on the Internet that you can use to find .jar in classpath are really slow. Java Class Finder is simple tool for Java programmers which lets you search through your hard drive among all the JAR/WAR/EAR files looking for Java class files, being fast and agile, while also recursively looking into files and directories. And that's because mutliple .jars in classpath do nothing but cause trouble.

Java Class Finder is very useful for fixing errors like "class not found" and for making sure that the classpath is set correctly. It can find class files inside jars in classpath, or in a specific location, and can even show you if the same class is present in multiple jars.

To get the most out of Java Class Finder all you need to do is specify the class name and a directory, and the program will start its search. Java Class Finder will then show you a list of all the .jar files it has found in that directory (and any subdirectories that it might contain) for the given class. Java Class Finder is written in C (when other programs in the same genre are written in Java) which means you don't need to install JDK 2 for this program to run.

So, if you are a Java programmer having trouble finding class files among all the jars, then you need Java Class Finder. And best of all is that it's free!


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